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Frustrated with YouTube videos or the impersonal online classes on big yoga platforms where the teachers don’t have time for you or your questions. Questions or queries about the practice? I'm here to support and guide you on your discovery! Just contact me.

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Breathe your way to calmness!

Looking for tools to deal with your anxiety and stress?

Yin Yoga, a mindful practice, combined with slow breathing, activates the calmer nervous system,  slows down the heart rate and relaxes the body.

Address these challenges using breathing techniques and doing the classes.

Free monthly coaching session

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I'm here to support you.

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Hi, I'm Annchen!

I wasn’t interested in yoga when I was younger. Yoga meant two things: twisting your body into impossible shapes or lying around, bored.

But then eight years ago, I started Ashtanga Yoga to build up strength. And found that the external change brought an internal one. I felt more calm and focused. It helped to counterbalance my busy, stressed life with physical, mental and emotional calm. 

My passion for health and healing through a mindful, functional practice came with the discovery of Yin Yoga. The deep, mindful stretches of Yin Yoga help me to disconnect as well as increase flexibility and mobility. 

As an avid disciple of Yin Yoga, Annchen (RYT-200) has been practising, learning about and teaching Yin Yoga face-to-face and online for the past two years in Granada, Spain.

I’m passionate about sharing this transformative practice with YOU!

Janice Hinckfuss

I think the yoga sessions have helped me deal with lower back fatigue as it has lessened the impact of long stretches of sitting in front of a computer. I had more back pain when at work. 

I like the discipline and to be reminded that I still do have discipline, despite not being nearly as active and physical as I used to be.

Maria Bravo

I feel more relaxed and positive after Yin Yoga classes. 

Besides the physical benefits of the postures, Yin Yoga helps me to focus on breathing and feel less stressed. 

Jennifer Warren

I am really enjoying the classes. I wasn’t sure at first if I would enjoy the slow pace of yin yoga as I am used to Vinyasa, which is more active. But I find Yin really relaxing and the time seems to fly. 

I think it is also great for fixing physical issues such as a stiff shoulder/ neck from working at a screen all day.

I also think that you teach it so well, always giving different options to try.

But I can't do yoga because I'm not flexible! 

Check out the T-shirt in the photo - that's Yin Yoga: Each body is a story! 

And because each person has a unique skeletal structure, the poses in Yin Yoga adapt to the body. 

The focus is functional, aiming to stress specific target areas in the body. It's not an aesthetic yoga practice, focusing on how the pose should look!  

Pssst...notice: same pose, different bodies in the photo! 

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Yin with Annchen helps busy people fit Yin into their day. To gain mental & physical relief and renewal, increase flexibility and mobility. 

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  Welcome and Introduction
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  Breathing Techniques and meditation
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  Pose Focused Yin Practices
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  Yin Yoga videos listed from shortest to longest
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  Strength Yoga
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  Meditation & Yin Yoga
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  Chinese Channels (Meridians) Flows
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New videos will be added within 24 hours of the live practice, challenges or retreats. Each month there will be a theme and a focus for the classes.


That’s TOTALLY fine! Start with the suggested sequence but remember that Yin Yoga is based on adapting the pose to the body, so two alternatives for each pose are always given so you can learn more about your body and become empowered!


Yes, I offer three live classes weekly for members. You also get access to live challenges and retreats.


This is why we have the Weekly newsletter and monthly social event to help keep you connected with the community, on track and inspired. You’ll get monthly check ins from me.