Introduction to Yin Yoga Class

Welcome to your introductory class to Yin Yoga! Whether you're new to yoga or are an experienced yogi, you should find this class accessible as I'll show alternatives and adaptations to the postures. You'll need two blocks, a blanket and bolster or cushion as in Yin Yoga we use supports to help adapt the posture to each unique body.

This 45-minute class starts with the most basic breathing technique in yoga, abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing to help you to relax. As I guide you through four Yin Yoga poses, I'll explain how the focus of Yin Yoga on stretching a specific part of the body and staying in postures between one and five minutes, differs from many other types of yoga. We'll also explore its basic principles and benefits. The class ends with five minutes of relaxation.

I hope you enjoy this class. I’d love to hear from you so please leave your comments or questions below!